A Successful time for Nathalie McGloin

Nathalie McGloin and her porsche with her team mate for the BWRDC race Katie Milner.jpg (Photo by Marc Waller)Nathalie McGloin has had a very successful few months.

Late last year she competed the BWRDC race at Silverstone where she led a race for the first time in her career, eventually taking a podium. She was also appointed president of the FIA’s new FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission.

Nathalie explains what happened;

“Last October I was invited to Paris to meet with Gérard Salliant and Peter Bayer of the FIA to talk to them about my experiences with the disabled racing licence process. I was more than happy to make the trip but was slightly puzzled as to why they had asked for a copy of my CV ahead of the meeting. The meeting was very productive and about forty-five minutes in Peter and Gérard looked at each other and said, ‘we haven’t yet told Nathalie why we asked her to come to Paris today!’. What then followed is one of the proudest moments of my life and one that I still find slightly surreal!”
She continues

“Peter explained that Jean Todt had set up a new FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission and he wanted me to be president of it. Having never been president of anything in my 34 years, I was absolutely speechless. Of course, I accepted the role and was soon greeted by Jean who thanked me for accepting and we chatted about the work that needed to be done with The Commission.”

On top of this she was announced as the winner of the BWRDC Lord Wakefield trophy which she’ll receive this coming weekend at the MSA night of champions. It’s presented annually to recognise outstanding achievement by women in Motorsport.

As well as her recent achievements, McGloin also runs Spinal Track, an initiative to help people with paralysis to get on track.

Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive spoke about why she had been chosen “We first met Nathalie three years ago when she was just getting started in motor sport and it is inspiring to see how much she has achieved since then, becoming one of the most recognisable names championing motor sport as an accessible and inclusive activity for all. We very much look forward to welcoming Nathalie to the MSA Night of Champions at the Royal Automobile Club.”

Lorraine Gathercole, Chair of the British Women Racing Drivers Club (BWRDC), also spoke about why Nathalie McGloin was the recipient of the award this year; “Nathalie has overcome enormous difficulties to compete in motor sport and encourages others with spinal disabilities, as well as the able-bodied, to challenge themselves. With strong performances on track, inspirational talks, motivating articles and her new role at the FIA, Nathalie is a most worthy recipient of this magnificent award.” By Marc Waller

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